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Information on Forklade

InläggPostat: 27 mars 2012, 14:05
av Toni
Looking for information about the historical accuracy of the apron pictured in this link:

Is there any historic documentation available regarding this piece of clothing? If it was indeed made and worn, and from what region it originates? If so, where might I find it?

Thank you for your time!


InläggPostat: 28 mars 2012, 08:27
av Admin
It says in the text that it can be seen in church paintings from the period (14th century), probably in Sweden. Will try to find out more information.


InläggPostat: 28 mars 2012, 23:14
av Andrea
I've seen an apron like that in a calendar of mine and it took a while for me to track down the picture online.

It's from the "Roman de la Rose", and it is from 14th century France. It isn't more specific than that, but i'll guess it's the early 14th century.;Sainte-G ... 6.155v.tif
I don't know how to get a direct link, but the apron will be at 115r (or page 238).

I hope I've been a little helpful. :)


InläggPostat: 29 mars 2012, 19:47
av Karin
That is the only picture I know of a woman wearing that kind of apron. But it is often worn by craftsmen in the 15th century. So I guess that the woman in the picture has borrowed the apron from the same man she has borrowed the smithy from.

Womens aprons in the 14th and 15th centuries were worn from the waist down. Also have a look on this fantastic website .


InläggPostat: 5 april 2012, 10:37
av Peter
That woman is allegorical. She is representing "Nature" if I remember correctly, which might explain why she is using an apron seldom seen on women.

InläggPostat: 5 april 2012, 12:27
av Arild Krake
Is it a picture of the women ho made the nails fore Crists cross?


InläggPostat: 10 april 2012, 11:47
av Peter
Nope Ludvig. It is a depiction of Nature itself, in the form of a woman.

InläggPostat: 15 april 2012, 07:16
av Renika
It´s a pity though. I really would like an apron covering at least a bit of the chest as well. It´s so impractial that they normally don´t.