“Battle of the Nations” video stream

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“Battle of the Nations” video stream

Inläggav Natalia_UA » 28 april 2011, 18:56

“Battle of the Nations” is an international festival of historical reenactment of the Middle Ages which is in fact the world championship on historical medieval battle.
This year there will be a nice opportunity to provide online video stream broadcasting, 7 HD cameras on different spots day and night which will let “Battle of the Nations” fans enjoy the bright spectacle for 4 days!
You can’t but watch how the National Teams of seven countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Italy, Germany, Quebec (Canada) + separate fighters from France) will challange each other on the battleground fighting for the title of the best National Team in the world on Historical Medieval Battle! Don’t miss this spectacle! www.battleofthenations.com.ua

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