1630's-40's Swedish costume

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1630's-40's Swedish costume

Inläggav Maeve » 1 augusti 2005, 17:09

Does anyone know of some good sources for Swedish costume during the the mid 17th Century? All of my Scandanavian sources are several centuries too early. I'm specifically looking for the type of clothing that would have been worn by sailors and immigrants to New Sweden.
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Inläggav elin » 13 augusti 2005, 08:14

I´ve made a small collection of contemporary paintings for you at http://hem.bredband.net/haseri/costume1600/index.htm

Most of the first immigrants to Delaware in the 1640's came from the countys of Västmanland and Värmland, and was of Finnish origin. (Finland was a part of the swedish kingdom.) This probably would have affected their style of clothing.

The most comprehensive modern book on the era may be (I have not read it yet):
BAROCKENS KONST (Baroque Art). ISBN:9187896311 by Göran Alm, Claes Ellehag, Magnus Olausson, et. al
Printed 1997. "Descriptive book on Baroque art and architecture in Sweden with the following essays: Architecture 1650-1690; Architecture 1690-1730; Landscape Architecture; Interior Design; Textile Art; Stucco; Sculpture; <b>The Secular Painting and The Religious Painting;</b> Gold Smith Art and Glass Art."

The Vasamuseum http://www.vasamuseet.se/
depicts the find of the early 17th century ship. Maybe there is something of interest for you?
(Note for my swedish mates: Jag har bott i Stockholm sen 1986 och har ännu inte varit på Vasamuseet [:I] - finns det nåt av intresse för Maeve där?)
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Inläggav Amber1016 » 3 september 2005, 23:42

Well since it seemed fairly easy to find the costumes of this time period I was wondering if in fact you would have something that was a little more for the nobility. I feel like I've done search after search and turned up nothing for the Swedish nobility for the 1650's. If you have any help I would greatly appreciate it.

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Inläggav elin » 4 september 2005, 19:32

I know of a wonderful book by Lena Rangström: Modelejon. Manligt Mode 1500-tal 1600-tal 1700-tal, "Lions of Fashion - Male Fashion of the 16th, 17th, 18th Centuries." (Stockholm 2002, 398 pages.) Unfortunately it´s out of stock according to swedish internet bookstores. As the book was released as a catalouge for the exhibition with the same name, at The Royal Armoury in Stockholm they may have it.
For female fashion there are no similar book, but I will scan and put up some pictures at my website.
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