Fashion History

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Fashion History

Inläggav Jessi » 8 november 2005, 23:07

Hi all,
I wonder if someone can help me to find good information about Fashion history, from 1400 centuries up to now. Specalized into different classes. And information about the Corsets?
I would prefer to find all the info over the internet so if you know some good webside?
I can get the information in both Swedish and English.

Thank you.

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Blev medlem: 8 november 2005, 22:58
Ort: United Kingdom

Inläggav Admin » 8 november 2005, 23:26


You will find books about fashion history in a library. Please be more specific.

As you read Swedish you should try these topics about corsets: ... PIC_ID=382 ... IC_ID=1095 ... IC_ID=1708 ... IC_ID=2334

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Inläggav Jessi » 9 november 2005, 12:37

I,m looking after different Identity and how fashion constantly have changes over the years from everything from classes, identity etc.. Looking after good example for the "Trickle down theory"
I have seen I few books I,m interested to buy,but Can you give me some good exampels?

Thank you again

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Blev medlem: 8 november 2005, 22:58
Ort: United Kingdom

Inläggav Vix Hq » 9 november 2005, 23:02

Christopher Breward discusses changes in fashion, class and identity from the 14th century to the present in "The Culture of Fashion". I seem to recall that he talks about the trickle down theory there as well. It's thoroughly theoretical book, and personally I don't agree with some of his conclusions, but it's still an interesting read.

Vix Hq
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Inläggav Eva Andersson » 2 december 2005, 12:48

I am personally very fond of Malcolm Barnard's <i>Fashion as communication</i> as an introduction to many of the theories concerning fashion and society. I don't buy his thoughts about fashion in eeh middle ages, but that really is just half a page and he can be excused because a) it really isn't his research period b) it isn't in any way the scope of the book.

Eva Andersson
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