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Hi! I'm New - Looking for Authentic Viking Clothes

InläggPostat: 11 oktober 2006, 19:09
av Ernest F. Nygard III

Any help would be immensely appreciated, please tell me where I may purchase authentic replica Viking clothing and accoutrement?

I was especially impressed with the photos of the outfitted Viking Warrior and Nobleman associated with this website; I do very much desire to buy their entire outfits as a set, or even piece by piece if that were possible?

I am living in Spotswood, NJ - USA, and would hope to perhaps acquire the stuff before Oct. 31, 2006, for All Soul's Night; but if not, that's OK too.

Please feel free to send any ph#'s, any suggestions, info, and correspondence to my email address:

Thank you very much, this is a great site!

Ernest F. Nygard III

InläggPostat: 11 oktober 2006, 20:21
av Ernest F. Nygard III
Just to add to what I've posted, I meant the Viking outfits in the photos in the "Drakter" section of this website - I'd give much to aquire these oufits!!!

InläggPostat: 12 oktober 2006, 15:47
av Raymund
Medieval design sells clothing inspired by the patterns from this site, if they can deliver to the USA before this date is another question...