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Patryk Nieczarowski - Nieczar

Inläggav Patryk Nieczarowski » 25 juni 2008, 11:41


My name's Patryk Nieczarowski (alias Nieczar) and I'm from Poland.
I'm reenactor of two periods : 9-10th cen. Slavic man from Lower Silesia and 13th. cen. Kipchak (Chernye Klobuky).
I'm also craftsman and I make helmets (sometimes the cauldrons and other metal pots too).
In my work I use modern way of the production (by electric tools and steel matrix) and also old way (raising in one piece by hot way).
Soon I'll start my new period - Hunnic invasion time ...but it 'll be maybe in next year.
My favorite subject are East-style helmets of Nomads from Easten Europe and Central Asia ....espessialy masked helmets.

My web site ( is no updated long time but all news I put in here :

Sorry for my horroble Eanglish.

Patryk Nieczarowski - Nieczar of my work
Patryk Nieczarowski
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Blev medlem: 25 juni 2008, 11:28
Ort: Poland

Inläggav Rabies » 25 juni 2008, 14:16

How much would you take for a vendel style helmet?
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Blev medlem: 26 mars 2005, 13:15
Ort: Sweden

Inläggav Nieczar » 6 juni 2009, 09:01


sorry for long time of waiting but I had big problem with logging back in the forum [:(]

Nieczar's my nickname ...but I'm the same person

Rabies, if Your's question is still actual please contact with me by e-mail :
the price is depend on the exemple of the helmet and details of final product

BTW. there's more some new stuff here:
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Blev medlem: 6 juni 2009, 08:56
Ort: Poland

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