birka brooches

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birka brooches

Inläggav rigani » 4 januari 2009, 13:11

hi there,
i'm looking for some real nice and good worked birka brooches. i've checked out a lot of online shops, but mostly they have the same stuff, produced somewhere in eastern europe and in bad quality. most of the traders don't even know, on which original find they are based on. does anybody know a trader or bronzecaster, who is working with original patterns? i dont't want to have brooches you can buy everywhere, i want something special... [8D]

thanks for your help
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Inläggav Kristoffer » 4 januari 2009, 14:31

Hi Rigani!

I dont know if this is what you are looking for, but Alban makes quality items beyond belief.
If you check his link out, you will find that he makes brooches on demand as well, so you can
order the thing that you truely want, and not neccesarily what is offered by other merchants.
Not the cheapest items out there, but good craftmanship costs money too.

Good luck with your hunt.

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Inläggav Ny Björn » 4 januari 2009, 20:05

For replicas of actual Birka-finds I can recommend [url=""]Birka Traders[/url] - Peter is VERY keen on using the right features and measurements when he copies a brooch.

/N B
Ny Björn
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