Monsterpunsad pouch

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Monsterpunsad pouch

Inläggav Jor Viking » 24 februari 2012, 15:16

I see in the guide that there is a pouch called the 'Monsterpunsad bag' can anyone direct me to the archaeological find on which this reconstruction is based please? Many thanks from Russ Scott
Jor Viking
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Inläggav Vendel » 24 februari 2012, 18:01

Do you mean this bag? ... aska1b.jpg

If you do, there are no archaeological finds supporting a bag of this type. If you are going for a historically accurate reconstruction you should avoid this bag.

Best regards,

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Inläggav Jor Viking » 24 februari 2012, 22:03

Hello Ville, many thanks for your reply.
Yes this is the pouch in question.
I am writing a guide to 'Viking Age' Bags, Pouches and Purses.
I have never seen an authentic pouch like the one in this guide.
Thank you for reassuring me!
I like the pouches on your site by the way, and the boat!
Jor Viking
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Inläggav Edvin » 26 februari 2012, 13:44

As far as I know there is a bag from Rösta Ås, Jämtland and from Birka. They probably looked a lot more like a hungarian tarsoly than the 'Monsterpunsad bag' with two loops and a D-shaped body. Of course the fittings on the lid would be individual instead of a full plate but the shape and construction would be similar.


<b>Audhumbla Hantverk</b>
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