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Inläggav Arngrim » 12 mars 2011, 10:51

Chivalry Bookshelf stäms av en grupp författare. Det verkar som att Brian Price ( inte betalar ut royalties.
Gregory Mele 11/3 2011:

"To: Ann and Brian Price
d/b/a Chivalry Bookshelf/Revival Enterprises

Re: Return of rights and surrender of product

Dear Mrs. Price,

It is now 6:51 PM CST. Your deadline has passed.

As Dr. Forgeng explained to you, below, signed power of attorney was not required. Nor have you made the slightest attempt to address the letter of demand. However, so that there can be no doubt in the matter, I will ask each of the signatories, herein copied, to reply to this letter and make it clear to you, once and for all, that we indeed stand "shoulder-to-shoulder" as Mr. Tobler told you last night.

I will keep the balance of this letter short and to the point.

Since you have chosen to let the deadline to surrender our rights and property lapse, please note that, our offer is hereby rescinded. We will now pursue any and all civil and criminal avenues that are open to us.

Please note we hereby deny you any rights, assignations or access to our intellectual property, and will post that affect on all public forums. Should you sell any of our property at the upcoming SCA's "Gulf Wars" event, we will consider this be the sale and distribution of stolen goods and we will contact the authorities immediately. You should be aware that I am forwarding this and prior correspondence and the link to the Armour Archive discussion thread to the Gulf Wars event coordinator ("autocrat") and merchant liaison, so that they are aware that you have lost any legal title to our property.

Further, neither you, your husband nor any counsel you should hire are to contact any of the signatories for any reason, except through our attorneys, Mr. Peter Gergley and Mr. George Lewis, who are copied on this letter, and will no doubt be contacting you shortly. Until then, you may reach them at the following:


I regret that it has come to this, but you have had between three and seven years to resolve these various issues, and have never so much as responded, until it was made public on the Armour Archive. Even then you were offered a way to peaceably solve the matter. As you chose to instead try and "divide and conquer" the signatories, there is clearly no further room for discussion, and the courts will now handle the matter.

Best regards,

Gregory Mele

writing on behalf of:

Gregory Mele
Luca Porzio
Dr. Jeffrey Forgeng
Dr. Steven Muhlberger
Guy Windsor
Christian Henry Tobler
Tom Leoni "

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Inläggav Eric Hejdström » 12 mars 2011, 13:15

Det har varit massa problem med Revival länge, många som inte fått varor och liknande. Synd att ett så nischat förlag kraschar för att en del inte kan sköta sitt..
Eric Hejdström
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Blev medlem: 10 november 2003, 19:26

Inläggav Arngrim » 19 mars 2011, 10:09

När ägarna inte betalar sina leverantörer så är det illa :-(
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Blev medlem: 5 december 2004, 14:58
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