Nordic viking events this year

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Nordic viking events this year

Inläggav Timmo » 28 mars 2010, 22:48

Hello, i'll be visiting nordic countries at the middle of may to the end of august.
Can you recommend me viking markets that take place in Denmark, Sweden, Norway.

Wishing you all the best, Timmo Liiva
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Blev medlem: 13 oktober 2008, 08:46

Inläggav Greven » 29 mars 2010, 07:35

One of the biggest is Foteviken

Hope I see you there
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Blev medlem: 25 augusti 2007, 18:13
Ort: Sweden

Inläggav Lilliwin » 29 mars 2010, 23:28

Yes, Foteviken is a great market with lots of atmosphere. Might be windy though.
Another market that is said to be nice is the Borre market in Norway. I intend to find out myself this year. Borre takes place at the same time as Foteviken so you have to choose!
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Blev medlem: 6 juni 2006, 23:14
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